High-tech products for demanding applications

Säkylän Aaltek Oy is an electronics company

Säkylän Aaltek Oy develops and manufactures high-tech products for demanding applications. Our services include the production of wire and cable harnesses, electronics, automation cabinets and serial production assembly.

Our customers include operators in the rail and maritime industries. We also manufacture products for the defense industry. We can tailor productions according to customer needs from single orders to thousands of sets. t -  request for proposal »

We are located in Säkylä, Southern Finland, in production facilities of more than 2,000 m2. Our electronics production facilities are ESD protected.

Säkylän Aaltek Oy

Säkylän Aaltek Oy was founded in 1988 as a family business. It has since grown from a one-person business working from a 10 m2 premise to production facilities of over 5000 m2 and 40 employees in a 3-company enterprise. 

The staff has varied between the current 15 employees and 20 employees. The personnel turnover rate has been very low throughout Aaltek's history which is thanks to the great work community.

We are constantly developing our serial production readiness. A close collaboration with our second company MirTer ensures that we can respond to even large seasonal fluctuations in production volumes in a reliable, quick and cost-efficient way. The enterprice also inclused Ari Nummela Ltd. where we manufacture TEMPEST shielded facilities.


Vehicle industry/ rolling stock: Patria Vehicles, Lännen Tractors, Polarteknik, JPT Serco Oy

Machinery and equipment manufacturers/ electrical cabinets and control centers: Polarteknik, Pimatic, Koja