Quality and environment

Principles of quality

Customer orientation

A customer-oriented operating model so that our products and services meet the requirements agreed upon with our customers. 


Continuous improvement of our processes. We achieve this goal by eliminating the root causes of detected errors. 


Conditions for achieving perfect operational and product quality. Management informs staff on changes and development plans. 


From design to manufacturing, we incorporate customer-defined quality criteria into our own operations. 

Serial numbering

With serial numbering we are able to trace the product and related documentation. 


Our production goal is to operate in the most economical and efficient way at all times. This benefits both our customers and Aaltek.

Environmental values

Säkylän Aaltek Oy is dedicated to fulfilling all authorities' and stakeholders' requirements and obligations which arise from our operations. We manage environmental issues by committing to the guiding principle of sustainable development of ISO 14001:2015 standards. 

Säkylän Aaltek Oy sets its own environmental protection goals. Our goal is to achieve competitive advantage through environmental management as a manufacturer of wiring, cable and electronic equipment..

The environmental impact of existing processes is known through analysis and is reliably monitored. As a part of our business strategy, we find out the environmental impacts of new products and processes at their design phase.

We maintain the principles and goals of our operations through open engagement with internal and external stakeholders. 

We take into consideration natural resources and the environmental impact in material procurement and our other processes. 

Our staff is trained and promotes good environmental practices.