Electronics manufacturing

We have over 20 years of solid experience in the automotive industry and its use of large circuit boards. 

We manufacture circuit boards to meet the requirements of the intended use. Our circuit board production can range from a few pieces to sets of a few thousand pieces. 

Our electronics production also includes the manufacturing and assembly of the electronic equipment in their entirety.

Cable harnesses

We manufacture cable harnesses for the automotive and maritime industries as well as for equipments manufacturers (e.g. railway equipment, excavators, cruisers, agricultural equipment just to name a few).
We deliver demanding wire and cable sets that meet rail industry standards, as well as mechanical assemblies where the end customers are some of the world's leading train manufacturers. 

We manufacture special cables with crimp and solder joints according to customer specifications and perform the necessary tests.

Automation cabinets

For machine manufacturers, we manufacture and design everything from terminal blocks to electrical and control cabinets. The cabinets we manufacture are FI-approved. In addition, our customers in this industry are well-known players in the marine industry.

We also manufacture various types of vehicle applications and our services also include system design, assembly and fabrication.


Together with our customers, we carry out the electrical and mechanical designs of projects. We are able to design electrical switchboards, control cabinets, small-scale electronics and cable sets.
We also design electrical controls.

The programs we use are CADS, CAD and 3D softwares.